06 October 2010

What is Art?: The language of Art

To know as much about the Zimbabwean Art before embarking on buying or criticise artworks .it is necessary and desirable to clarify it.
There are mystries in art,although at times it may seem to be obscure and incomprehensible.This is particulary true of Art.
Art can literally defined as the translation and interpretation of nature in terms of human skills.This definition is deliberately wide and encompassing because Art itself is distinguished by the freedom with which it ranges over an immensely wide field
The visual arts are concerned with expressions which can be seen.An artist is a person who expresses himself visually .Artists can make an exact record of what had seen or can make an expression of things .An Artist paint things of beauty if it is so moved or can record unbeautiful things in protest of their existence.
The desire which a painter may feel to express a sensation or record an occassion in colour and shapes is also common to the poet.When an Artist moved by environment or wants to interprete his reaction in words the writer of pros may construct a whole story around the response to conditions which had moved him/her.
The music composer may group sounds together to recreate in the listerner something that inspired the artist
Work of Art:It has been said that there are two parts to the life of the work of Art.Its creation and the understanding of it.Most Artists are conscious of the need to make their reason for painting a picture understood to the people who may see it later.When a painting doesn't communicate anything at all it becomes merely a personal exercise on the part of the Artist and has only fulfilled half its purpose.
Only the picture can do the talking in all cases in the work of visual Arts.

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