06 October 2010

Sources of Discipline Problems in Education system

Disciplinary problems are caused both by wider community and internal school environment ,however most of them eminate from within the classroom.
Children are influenced in their immediate home environment and their behaviours is influenced by what the family members cherish.Some of the children at times lack guidance and self-esteem and even their basic needs like food,clothing ,proper sleeping or love leads to poor health if not met.The children may be emotionaly affected by their parents who frequently fighting or parents being unfaithful to each other ,then the child feel insecured from parential care which consequently led to irregular school attendance and poorly motivated of low achievements.These behaviours influenced at home have impacts on the classroom behaviours.
The larger social order with all it's ills has a bearing on the behaviour of the child at school, for example the impact of TV ,radio,internet,print media in which they see and witness things like cheating or illegal conducts.However the child tends to practice those patterns of behaviour that make them survive on a particular environment.
Peer Pressure can be nagative or positive at times.Peer pressure can socialise children into rebelling against school or class rules to prove their self worth.
Children, some of them have physical problems such as defects in hearing and poor vision.Loneliness due to lack of friends at school,rigid home environment or religious practising.
Lack of academic success creates pressure to pass and hence becomes disruptive due to disappointment.Shortage of basic needs creates uncomfortable conditions for children to learn.Boredom by just being bored by the school work because to them its a passive activity they are told what to do.Pupils need attention as they sit alone in a crowd, isolated personality which may cause them to fail to mix with others at school.Frustrated parents sometimes failed to meet the needs of their children.Then at school these children completely develop some negative attitudes towards their Education.Peer groups inflences strongly on the child and may be negatively affected.Pupils may neglected by physical organisation of the classroom sitting arrangement which probably affect them.
The teacher lacks professionalism or inexperienced to handle children during the learning processes , the teacher may be a source of disciplinary problems.Kyriacou (1994:108) says that,much ineffective teaching or the behaviour by the teacher which is felt to be unfair.Learners want to interact with a teacher who is firm and fair. Poor communication skills either verbally or non verbally ,for example making unprofessional statements in front of school children .Teachers' behaviours with pupils and failure to provide relevant learning experience can often lead to disrupt incidence in the classroom .The way a teacher can conduct with colleagues ,poor planning ,unpreparedness ,improper dressing , drunkness and failure to provide adequate tasks for children .Hence the teacher should make children occupied for them to concentrate and not creating problems.The teacher who don't have interests in pupils and not consider their cognitive development level in their learning for them to start from simple to complex and not giving activities which are very simple or too tough.Being insensitive to pupils' needs ,failure to treat them as unique individuals with self identity showing poor knowledge or mastering of one subject area. And the teacher who cannot allow personal problems to affect professionalism.The teaching methods which are not varied and child centred tend to bore pupils who find nothing challenging and motivating.The management style of instruction not moderate .but firm.All this together with poor timekeeping,being always late for duty are the potential sources of displinary problems in the classroom.
The Curriculum, according to Mwamwenda(1995) many African societies children obtaining an education is a pre-requisite for securing a job.However in most of these societies majority of children ,especially school leavers fail to secure employment and thus remain poor while those who are not educated become the richest.Pupils may end up admiring those who are not educated and this leads to misbehaviour.
Punishment is also part of discipline.There are forms of punishment that can be applied,the dos and don'ts of punishment.
Burden(1995) says,"Punishment is an act of imposing a penalty with the impressing of suppressing undesirable behaviours." While Mwamwenda (1995) puts ,punishment as needs subjected to a painful stimulus or having a pleasant one removed due to engaging in undesirable behaviour.
Punishment might be in form of :
corporal punishment by the head
manual work
detention after school
deprivating of certain priviledges etc

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