06 October 2010

How to make your child excel in education through homework?

Most parents blame teachers ,especially in the primary schools for their children's poor performance in academic development.Both teachers and parents all want children to excel well in their school work ,but parents need to know their roles to make the aims successful.
Learning should not only be within the four corners of the school classroom ,but everywhere anywhere there should be a learning taking place.
Making learners develop the sense of learning at every situation in life takes both the teacher and the parent to condition the child to learn at every sense in life situations.
Parents usually come home very tired and their children are looking for them to assist them to do their homework. At the same time they suppose to do other 1 2 3 things before they go to bed.The kids then complain to be assisted to do their homework .
For the parent to assist the child to do home project whilst sit in front of TV or computer usually they hurriedly download information from the educational sites and just let the child write them to complete the home assignment without being overburdened by the child's demands or help to develop the skills and concepts necessary for learning. Then child is only given answers to the problems without being guided to practice on these skills to make the homework done.
With the new pragmatism way of learning being prioritised instead of the rot learning ,the dynamics in education systems is now focusing on making learning to develop problem solving skills ,moral development or able to carry their own research to do projects .Education should not be preparation for life but life itself. Although providing the child with solutions to the problems is the quickest way of making child's homework done,but at the same time you are not making your child responsible for his/her own learning.
A parent who guides his/her children to do home projects is helping them as they feel interested of what they are supposed to do at home.However it is necessary to avoid doing child's home project instead of helping.If you simply do for them homework , to complete faster you are giving them the perception that whenever they have home assignment they look forward for you the parent do for them.By so doing you are not developing your children's skills and reasoning to develop moral values so they end up not have self-confidence.
As a parent you should play the role of listening and help to analyse how you can help your child to do home project.Whilst you child is gradually taking up the assignment you will easily spot the strengths and weaknesses and make suggestive measures on where to mine suitable information on how to work on the given homework.
The child then become interested on doing his on work and held responsible to use books,newspapers and the internet as reliable sources of information.Your comments to whatever your child's efforts should be constructive so that he can be empowered by your words of encouragement.Gently show your child is doing well and highlight the areas he need to improve.
The teacher and the parent's relationship is to assist the child to learn .As the child brings home to school then the teacher should work on this as a child's experience and parents should also work with their children to do the assignments on their own.
Parents who make good interactions with their children will observe the minor problems before they can become big ones.
As the guardians of these children they should make more efforts to monitor the homework and assist to overcome the problems and then discuss with their teachers on the matters which needs to be addressed.
Encouraging your children ,without taking the responsibility away from them and monitor to ensure that they do all the assignments is the right option to help them at home.
Apart from doing the work themselves,with your support,love that your children will truly learn.Go an extra mile making your children 's learning room be conducive for learning ,with learning aids such as charts,counters,the internet sites opened for them should be educational. Recent research done in England supports that electronic games help chidren to spot the area of interests and concentrate on the important issues at a time.When your children play video games try to order those that promote moral development and avoid those that are destructive and violent.Remember the case of a Germany teenager who shots other school children,teachers and a nurse.His parents after the incident reported that he used to play violent electronic games.
We are held responsible for the learning of our children ,so let us left the burden to their teachers alone ,lets work together with them these children are future responsible leaders of our society.

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