06 October 2010


Sometimes ,teachers follow pupils' pace of understanding ,by so doing the syllabus coverage maybe hindered at the end.The objectives are not achieves and thus some topics not taught will appear in the external examinations and the pupils will not be able to answer the questions of the concepts not taught.Then the assessment objectiives are not achieved.
On the other side the teacher fails to interprete the syllabus or know the demands of the assessment objectives. It definitely means the teacher will fail to teach concepts that would come in the examinations and then at the end pupils aren't prepared for these examinations.
Analysing the 'O' level food and nutrition syllabus, it can be noted that they guide teachers in breaking down the topics in to teachable units.
The first assessment objectives deal with selection and applying of knowledge of the nature ,composition and use of foods in meals and for the preparation of meals .This objective apply to both theory and practical paper as per specification grid. The teacher should teach pupils both theoretically and practically. Pupils should be able to know the composition of food and should skillfully prepare the meals .
The second assessment objective deals with analysing,explaining and evaluating the nutritional values of various food and their functions and utilisation .This concept only applies to theory paper. Now when teaching the teacher should explain and use experiments to check the presence of nutrients in the food and that pupils should know nutrients available in particular foods. After demostrations are used ,pupils are supposed to know by themselves.
To assess the skills of pupils in the prevention of deficiency diseases prevelent .Experiments with food and equipment that may cause diseases are used ,teacher can even make pupils do the same researches and group discussions.Pupils will have a full knowledge on the deficiency diseases.Now pupils will be able to link certain foods ,nutrients and then have a knowledge of the deficiency diseases that may be caused by lack of nutrients in foods.
The objective where pupils are supposed to know the principles used in the preparation and serving of food.The teacher uses group and individual instruction and supervision.The teacher should make sure that pupils identify the equipment used in the preparation of food and serving . Pupils should then be exposed practically and they should develop skills necessary when preparing and serving food.The teacher should verify that pupils know methods of cooking and storing food.To achieve the objective the teacher has to apply the methodology of explaining and supervising the pupils' work.
The objective on food preparation .The teacher should be able to clearly explain methods used in the food preparation.The teacher will then expose pupils to give methods used in preparation and cooking of foods that they know at home.
On the practical assessment the teacher should demostrate methods of cooking food using different pieces of equipment.The teacher should explain and demostrate to pupils ,using different equipment used in cooking foods and should let pupils know that there are some kinds of equipment used to cook only some particular kinds of foods.The teacher should let pupils work and their on own and should come up with the desired outcome.

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