06 October 2010

Methods of Instruction used in Education System should assist both the society and the child

Teachers must use methods of instruction that would help pupils to develop away from social maladjustment. Teachers can successfully do this with the help of the whole community.Also teachers need to make the community aware of the problems facing the socially maladjusted children .They (teachers) try to explain to the family and community members the importance of changing their attitudes towards the child for the better community. Where there was hatred and victimization they should be substituted with love and considerate treatment of the child.The child is then able to develop a sense of self-image.
Although it is difficult in many low income schools to have low teacher/pupil ratio.That's fewer pupils per teacher.This is because of shortage of teachers,poor teacher incentive and other contributing factors. This gives teachers a chance to concentrate on individuals and their problems. The teacher can able to train pupils to use ideas based on skilled observation of and personal interaction with the child. When the teacher spend time with individual pupils make feel that they are loved and are also interested in them and helping them to solve their problems.
The teachers must utilise every time they are with pupils and offer periods of purposeful activity and avoid periods of inactivity when the child falls back into bad habits. It is necessary devise programmes for individual pupils so that we can discuss their problems with them.
The provision of equipments which facilitates children to investigate their environment for example toys . The presence of adults make the atmosphere motivational stimulus as child feel the importance of Education system in their learning process. Children need to use all senses to explore objects and use them.
The use of colours makes the environment more conducive for learning . Moreover if the different sounds introduced help to stimulate pupils into exciting activities.
Children should allowed to mix with others and help each other to do some of the things the other children are doing. Such as assuming responsibility ,attitudes of cooperating with others ,music ,etc. Persistance on the part of teacher -devotion is very important.
The purpose of learning of socially maladjusted children provides us with opportunities to learn a great deal about early stages of learning and effective methods of teaching ,even the normal children.Learning situations may be more interesting if the teacher use reflective teaching combined with well timed stimulus variations. Thus teachers' understanding of the socio-psychological background of the child can be included in the teaching strategy so as to make learning more effective.

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