31 October 2010

The Presentation of Lesson on Development of Listening Skills.

Listening in most cases is regarded as a passive skill ,which is not given time in classroom activities as teacher thought it can be taught in conjunction with other skills like speaking ,reading and writing . yet listening is the backborne of all these skills to develop language skills for a child to be fluent in communication both orally and in writing.
When teaching language the item of new words should be introduced . This should come first because developing language based on the vocabulary which pupils need to develop in sound as they may have problem in mispronunciation of new words ,sentence structure or functional context.
The lesson progressions should be first presentation followed by practice and then reinforcement .During all the stages ,the teacher should always find way out to introduce vocabulary items so that pupils can understand more clearly.
Let now get into situation where the teacher is now make a lesson presentation on the words :hard ,soft ,flufy and smooth.
The media the teacher can use are balls . Now the teacher talk of the two balls presented in the lession :
"Now lets all of us look and listen.
Look at these balls.''
Someone to come upfront to take the ball.
Now look at this white ball feel it its soft and fluffy. The yellow ball is Hard and Smooth.The use of all sense is essential for children to make lession live and more interesting children should be allowed to touch ,feel it and master the words being used to describe the object.
When presenting inifinitive of purpose:
I am going to the breaktime to have a cup of tea.
I am now pack my book to left my table tidy.
I am opening windows to let in some fresh air.
The teacher is speaking and doing as being said using the objects ,new words should be used more frequently ,whilst children listen ,watch and learn.
Then now at this stage children should be involve in sorts of activities to apply the concepts .
The teacher may read the statement and children listen to statements and respond with true or false.
In a week there are 10 days /false
In a week there are 7 days /true
Remmber lesson to be based on activities commonly done by children to capture their attention from what they know most.
We oftently go to church on Tuesdays /false
We should wash our hands under running water before we eat /true
The teacher should make the statement more clearly only once to promote concentration from children.
Following of instructions is a concept of listening which shall help children even when writing tests or use roads. The teacher should give children four instructions whilst they listen carefully and then follow them.
•write numbers 1-4 DOWN THE LINE OF THE PAGE.
1 write your name.
2 the name of your school.
3 the name of your country
4 write :where do you live?
On number its not a question to be answered but to write the questions as being said.
Children can mime or act as the teacher give instructions
"wash your face"
"run on the same spot"
"brush your teeth"
The other interesting topic in listening is story telling.The teacher should read or tell the story while children listen. The use of motivational stimulus ,thus use of gestures ,changes in voice projections ,rhythmic movement ,use of facial expressions help children to follow the story with interests.
Check comprehnsion as frequently ask questions from the story.Children should also asked to retell the story ,write the summary or discuss in groups.
They can also complete the story on their own.
Another way of developing listening skills is through use of dictation which we are not going to discuss in detail.

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