06 October 2010

The Integration of skills in the teaching and learning Environment

Teaching using games helps in integration of skills .Several language games involve speaking ,
listening ,reading and writing skills.Learners using game's activities ,instructions and roles in specific situation to subconciously learn language items by simply involved in games as guided by their teacher in learning situations.
Later we shall look at some games the teacher can use to teach language items in language lessons.
By using child centred approach whereby the actual learner is actively involved in his/her own learning activities. The teacher can use games in the language which can integrate skills need to be developed when developing language to the children.According to Byrne(1976)games are ways of play controlled by rules and regulations and usually it begins and ends within a given time frame.Bruner(1960)concurs that teachers can use direct how a subject relates to other subjects or activities in a meaningful way.
Therefore as how children are excited by playing games ,the use of them in lesson activities and methods reduces boredom and monotony in both the learners of mixed abilities and their teacher who directs them and control order to play games in a purposeful manner.The introduction of conducive environment for playing games is a boast to children to enjoy playing and grasp concepts included in this forms of play and then learning is taking place as they play.
The games found to be the good source of promoting teamwork as it is difficulty or rare to involve in physical games alone .but it needs others to make them competitive and effective.In children they develop a sense of interacting which is useful in organise them into groupwork as they are learning. Organised themselves and give each other a time to participate whilst others are observing as they are learning from one another. That way they get used to skills of talking and listening.This way they correct each other when make mistakes.
The teacher who plan games in language lessons need also to plan teaching media such as charts ,flashcards in spelling games as an example. Pupils will play a game like pada stepping in each box with one leg up reading words written on the flashcards placed in each box.This way their attention is enhenced as they a attentive to recognise the work for them to continue playing since if able to read many words there is good chance of continue playing.These types of gaming help a lot in spelling as it supported by Barker(1990:47) says,'It always adds interest and stimulates oral work if it is supported by various aids.' Pupils will be very happy playing with media in every game situations ,so that's integration of all skills.Spellings are taught to establish principles and rules which can be used when problems arise(Barker 1990)Spelling games should follow a period of study of these words on the flashcards ,then the teacher grouped pupils into groups to play games which they usually be familiar with using these words like in pada as being alluded above.
Sentence construction if planned in children 's games ,according to Lee(1986) they produce a certain patterns in communication. The use of structured games to construct sentence will help pupils to be capture whilst playing to learn constructing sentences in a pure natural way subconsciously.
There are numerous of game the teacher can plan language items especially to teach L2 to help children to master the language skills some of the games include fish-fish which play using a rope swinged by two pupils at each end and two or three or four jump the rope at the middle whilst saying out the words in this way they are developing fluency in speaking the language words
Odd one out is another game which can be used to integrate skills where the four words are written on charts in a line and four line can be written. Then children write the word which are odd one and volunteer to go on front to explain why odd one like:
(table , spoon .knife ,fork) They can say table is odd one out because is a furniture and the rest are utensils.Word bingo is another good games and intergrated project which involve all language skills.

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