06 October 2010

Class Organisation Discipline and Motivation

A teacher may speak of being well organised when feels on top of his work ,that is when able to motivate dicipline or control his class,at the same time when have the capability to discipline one self.As we going together to explore the class organisation is discovered to closely linked to class dicipline and motivation.However it is an undoubted fast that the the three factors that are discipline,organisation and motivation hand in glove.
Where there is no organisation the class lacks discipline and motivation.In real teaching and learning situation a good or quality teaching style brings about quality learning and clear understanding of pupils in a classroom environment.
According to Paisely (1981),"Organisation is a programme of activities for every part of teacher's teaching work that has been thought through and prepared ahead of time." Therefore it is important for every teacher to be well organised when carrying out the duty in the four corners of teaching and learning environment.
Firstly one may ask why the teacher should be organised when s/he discharging his/her the duty?Because s/he supposed to provide a purposeful learning activities,be well confident when strategising teaching methods and using teaching and learning media in time when drafting notes ,well prepared with the full knowledge of the subject content.
Valerie(1992)agrees that,"the teacher should provide a purposeful and stimulating learning activities that will interest students."This is a challenge that must be met inorder to achieve an environment that is conducive to learning.
Contrary if the the conducive learning invironment is not been fully implemented in the classroom situation ,that is the preparation for teaching ,the pupils are not going to be motivated at all and the control of the class is going to be doomed threatening its discipline.
If learners realised that the teacher has a sort of confusion and no thorough preparatory work done for their learning ,this inturn trigger them to become frustrated as a consequences at the end od the lesson nothing they had learnt .The controlling itself will be humpered in the sense that pupils will resort to lot of pockets whisperings in their corridors ,whilst looking in one another's eyes and a lot of laughing without listening what the teacher is saying.
Having the full knowledge of the subject content contributes a lot to learners' concentration and respect their teacher the way they imparts them with knowledge.School children are developing the maturity habit, so they easily laugh even to those confused people.So pupils should never be exposed that the teacher is shivering and have no confidence ,this obviousily make thenm easily back to no serious situation and become demotivated and indiscipline.
Inorder to avoid this unbecoming behaviour in learning and teaching environment .There are many ways the teacher can get prepared .Kasambira (1993)postulates,"to keep the class moving smoothly ,to avoid dead spots and avoid confusion ." The teacher should adopt "movement management".To achieve this the teacher should be careful to avoid interupting the progress of the lessons.As a teacher should ensure that the learning environment is conducive and learners are ready to learn. The teacher must allow pupils to be natural and if not done properly it will consequently leads to nisconduct hence affecting motivation on the part of pupils.
The teacher should well in advance prepare the teaching media.The teaching aids should be thoroughly scrutinised and should be adequate so that they will help the teacher to deliver the lesson in a way that will clearly make pupils understand concepts. A well prepared in advance teaching aids will obviously enhences motivation and understanding.Pupils are logically driven from one step to the next ,objectives clearly stated and this will help to maintain discipline as children are visualise the importance of learning.When using the aids coorectly the teacher will not confuse pupils .When there is confusion in the classroom this will absolutely results in a lot of noise and misconducts behaviour.
The teaching methods should be well organised ,so that it will not disrupt the learning process.For example the teacher can organise pupils into group discussions according to their mixed abilities or abilities,field trips,questioning and answering, and lecturing.These methods have its own advantages and disadvantages.Any method planned and implemented by the teacher should regards pupils' capabilities.
Mixed grouping for instances ,it encourages fast learners to help the slow ones.It destroys individualistic show off and negletion as it doesn't label some children as dull .As a result pupils noted that they can assist each other to achieve best in learning.Learners will inclusively get motivated throughout the lesson and indiscipline tendencies are limited.
The other teaching methods create teacher pupil interaction whereby the teacher will observe the differences of children in learning so that everyone will be given the treatment deserves.It strengthen teacher ,pupil relationship which will be a step further for the teacher to be able to manage the class more effectively.

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