06 October 2010

Case Study from Gwebi College Primary Committee School.

Gwebi college committee primary school has 290 pupils ,10 teachers and learning environment is normal conventional Education system.
The school is situated in the Gwebi college of Agriculture compass. Where school children come from the families which serve as manual labourers of the college and five other sorrounding estates which are Mwenevazvo,Bell inn, Mhlanga ,Madzorera and Gram.
From the environment where the children come from,that's farming community where Education on its own is viewed as useless in their lives since they rely on farmlords for every welfare including payment of school fees.
In most cases some children can absent themselves from school for a month.
The staff members ,teachers and social workers are obliged to teach by example in
speech ,dress and hard work. Despite their homely atmosphere in the institution as much as possible. In school there are lot maladjustments and backwardness caused mainly by the home environments. Even if the teachers give their pupils homework ,at times most of the parents don't know this elementary concepts as they never foot in school in their lifetime.
Because of poor performance in their academic development the school established a special class to cater for those pupils who have difficulties of grasping concepts during their infancy. The special class is mentored by a specialist who teach at most 20 pupils and only specialise on her classroom upto 12 o'clock noon everyday.
At school which is in the government compass teachers show a very good example. Education is a means of social development by making it very attractive. The school at most situations take part in college open days,children can do compaign awareness to the community parents in concepts such as HIV &AIDS,other outbreaks of certain diseases and environmental conservation.
The parents are invited in the speech and prize days, parents days ,school development meetings and discuss school issues to make the school a centre of community development.
The school created a democratic atmosphere where the pupils are free to say what they think is not correct and even inform the School Development Committee and parents for whatever clarifications needed. Teachers who are not giving children enough respect are put on the agenda to be role models and do they work seriously, as they are monitored by the children and their parents.
The pupils choose their own subjects discussions in the juniour classes and vent out their feelings even against any forms of punishments.Teachers are firm and strict ,but democratic.When children do wrong they are punished. All punishments are administered according to punishment regulation code issued by the parliament of Zimbabwe. Canning is not allowed at all situations. The school head must approve all punishments before they are executed. Child must accept that he/she done wrong before punishment is administered.The forms of punishment are watering the garden and flower or picking scattered papers after lessons.The punishments ends only as corrective measure far removed from abusing the child.
There is more of peer group control than that from teachers . Prefects have the duty to look for wrongdoers range from latecomers,bullers,teasers etc.They discuss with the offenders and convinced that is fit to be punished.Children help each other to do right thing.
After the discussions the children must see their grievances being attended to. The child's egoism is fully supported if shattered at home. The school authorities are trying to help these children who come to a backward environment to reinstate the importance Education and make them discover their worth. They want to reassure the pupils that they are unique citizens who is capable of succeeding as well as any other children.
The school's efforts are also hidded by the private christian school Gateway's outreach programme where they support orphans at schools through paying their own school fees and buying stationery needed. During the open days especially at the weekends the Gateway provide with transport to ferry these children to their good facilities and the children spent the day marvelling with computers,enjoy good sporting facilities and also use their classrooms.
In most of the occassion the children from Gwebi perform well despite living in abrupt poverty in their own backyards
The school is in a confined environment in which beating is absent. This boast children to have interests in schooling and at times ceases to be truent. Most of them then enjoy schooling despite how poor they are.Because 90% of the children come to school without school shoes ,without winter wear as they brave in to walk in winter season to get the much needed Education.
The school offer sporting services in soccer,netball ,volleyball and cricket was recently introduced by sports coordinator where children use simple batt and tennis balls ,as cricket facilities are hardly to comeby.The school competes in the cluster,districts and provincial competitions.

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