06 October 2010

Classroom Management and Organisation Promote Effective Teaching and Learning.

A well managed classroom is essential for successful teaching and learning .Most teachers however find this extemely difficulty. Teachers who manages their classrooms effectively enjoy teaching and have greater confidence in their work.
A class is a group of pupils who gather to get the knowledge,attitudes and skills.
Classroom is a room whereby pupils gather to get the said knowledge,attitudes and skills.
Organisation is making all the necessary arrangements the way they can work ,events ,activities are planned and done.Kasambira(1993) says,organisation is the art of carefully preparing ,presenting ,disciplining,controlling activities. Jacobs (1981:105)puts classroom organisation as," the complex set of plans and actions which the teacher uses to ensure that learning in a classroom is effective and efficient." Organisation involves teaching children how to manage their own behaviour in a classroom settings. A good classroom organisation should allow,order that enhances learning .
It process plans and actions ,effectively and in teaching to manage pupils' behaviour.
Grouping is part of classroom organisation because it promotes pupil to pupil interaction.This means pupils are freely talk to each other and teach each other.
Management is the active process of making decisions so that the use of the available human and material resources of the organisation are planned to achieve specific objectives efficiently.
Classroom management ,expectations include time because we cannot create time ,keep timetable and strictly follow it. A good teacher should set deadlines as target for checking what has been completed and delegate different duties to pupils.
Routine Management is refering to the daily activities which are command ,for example be pantual.Class monitors and group leaders are entitled to led other pupils during teacher's absence.Hence there should be effective and effective class monitors and group leaders.
Making of attendance register should be done daily on a particular time ,the teacher should also be friendly to pupils and love them.
Motivates your pupils to love you and assign pupils the work they can afford to do.
Grouping stratergy depends on the task in hand which the teacher should do to manage the grouping system.Pupils should be able to choose partners in certain activities .
The use of live pictures is good in lessons,however avoid using live media ,unless you can carefully manage it,for instance insects ,snakes ,donkeys etc.
Classroom Interaction ,according to John locke ,children are born with their minds like tabula rasa ,which means blank slates.It is the environment which writes its story on the blank minds ,so adults teach children to be knowledgeable.
John Dewey proposes an attempt democracy in Education in the community.It has to start in the classroom.Children being exposed to democracy in Education ,teaching and learning must be guided by the paradigm.
The mordern Philosopher Flanders is also an Educational guru who studied classroom interaction and came up with 2/3 system in classroom interaction.
In every lesson there is 2/3 dominant talking ,out of 2/3 the teacher does 2/3 of talking ,which means the teacher talk for about 13 munites.
A teacher should discourage dominant talking in the classroom.Teachers should be equipped with the principle in an attempt to equip them.They should develop and appreciation to develop optimum classroom interaction.Teachers' talk should be kept to the barest minimum.

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