06 October 2010

How to Intergrate Schools and Its Communities?

We now agree that school is the centre for community education for development.Therefore how can we complete integration of these schools with its communities ?We believe there must be facilitation, which can be facilitate by the following:
♦The school children and the teachers can make frequent visits to community leaders and members of the community in general to discuss matters of mutual interest and identify the need to be developed for the benefit of the whole society.For example engaging schools in construction of roads and bridges,building clinics and other health centres.Make children aware of community activities such as co-operatives or clubs.
♦Parents should be voluntarily allowed to form or voted into School Development Commitees(SDCs) which involve parents in the running of schools.The parents should be motivated to feel free and welcome to serve on school boards and commitees.
♦Invite parents with programmes conceived and planned by local level at the school.The programmes should be centred on the needs and interests of the community.
♦The school must be the resource centre for information materials to increase the community interests and activities in the school for community affairs.
The school is a crucial factor in overall development of education.It educates the young children to perform their roles today or in future appropriate in the society.It does this by instilling in them values that are favourable for development as well as by giving them knowledge and skills that are necessary for development .
Progressive education is an important educational innovation in the world ,as it aims at ,among other things produce self-reliant,responsible citizens,intergrating what is learned at school with what happens in daily life making schooling less boring place and helping pupils to love and respect themselves and others.The progressive education is of great importance to socio-economic values both to the school and the community development.
The school as a community education centre ,therefore has a big role to play in the struggle to equalise educational opportunities in this planet by spearhead the reduction illiteracy and helping to spread new knowledge and skills in the development of community in areas such as primary health care,nutrition ,child care and the list is endless.

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