06 October 2010


The teachers can evaluate themselves to check the efficiency and effectiveness of their teaching methods. This is necessary for teachers to be more critical of the content they teach and the methods they use. In an attempt to evaluate themselves the teacher is guided to implement some strategies or do away with some strategies that might not necessary in achieving the assessment objectives.In implementing new strategies the teacher will be trying to apply those which can help in developing skills in pupils and at the end in achieving the assessment objectives.
When teaching a concept,the teacher derive the methodology from the assessment objectives.The teaching methods can also derived from the assessment objectives and by using methods the teacher can completely know the right direction . The teacher can change the methodology to suit the level of learners in line with assessment objectives.
There are various methods that can be used by the teacher to check pupils' performance and even the teacher to check the achievement of the assessment objectives. Oral questions can be used ,these should cover the content to be covered.Oral test help the teacher in checking for understanding.
At the same time ,the teacher can determine the progress of students through the use of series of test .These internal tests will also guide the teacher in a way that the teacher will be sure that pupils will be able to enter for the exernal examinations.Ogunniyi(1984)asserts,"From such an analysis of the tests ,the teacher is able to decide whether to modify ,abondon a teaching technique or teach the content all over again."By applying the techniques the teacher will be able to check for understanding and to check development of skills, Thus ,we see a continous interplay between measurement or testing and evaluation in the teaching /learning process.
There are some ways that the teacher uses to determine the students' performance,these can include group discussions,debates ,projects ,demostrations and surveys.
By giving considerable thought should go into what is assessed and into the method of assessment ,so that all the child's skills in subject are reconised and not simply intellectual and literary ones,but skills which the examinations normally measure.Test and questions should be linked to the stated objectives.By so doing these are guiding the teacher .Assessment objectives help the teacher to check the concepts in which pupils are having problems and then methods of making pupils to understand such particular concepts can be implemented.Revision of concepts can be done before external examinations so that the teacher will discover strong and weak areas of concepts on the part of the pupils.
Finally assessment objectives help teachers to specify what is expected from the pupils after they would have learnt a particular concept.

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