06 October 2010


The teacher should consider personality as it also influences the class discipline. The teacher who is able to organise himself/herself stand a good chance to organise children who regards their teacher as a role model as pupils will emulate their teacher's behaviour in the school and in the community.
If a teacher wants to evalute his own personality amongst pupils.He should during moments of fun ask questions:
•How do I behave in front of you pupils?
•How do I behave after school?
•What are your remarks you children about my personality?
•What the community members say about me?
If answers to these general questions are negative then the teacher although some children may take it as fun period ,but consider and assume that possibly some of the indiscipline may eminate from your personality.It's very difficult to instruct your pupils to do as you say ,not as you do.Therefore it is important for the teachers to be examplary.
The community which send children who are the most useful part of your work has a significance on the part of you as a teacher.Some communities in rural Africa don't tolerate lady teachers who wear male clothes or mini-skirts.The teacher should observe the moral values and norms accepted in the community.Then as a professional should adapt to make you work easier.What the community say about the teacher has great influence on the class discipline.If the community reflect negative about the teacher ,then no doubt the pupils will in respond adopt this negative attitude towards their teacher and will be hard for the teacher to instill discipline in the classroom.
In the same case if the teacher is teaching demotivated pupils ,they will not grasp the concept result in objectives not met.
The teacher must be a well dressed person and show positive in every tough situations so that pupils will strive to cope.The teacher must be self-discipline,diligent ,co-operative ,honest to everyone.If these qualities exhibited pupils will emulate them.
If as a teacher succeeds to make the majority of of pupils in a class be disciplined the teaching work become simple and children's performance will eventually improve and the improvement in performance will motivate pupils such that whenever the teacher is delivering the lesson they are stimulated.
The teacher should improve the skill of socialisation with different people of different age groups.Above that the teacher should be acumed with different social backgrounds and familiarise pupils their social backgrounds and their names.This is because pupils should easily be able to approach their teacher whenever they have problems and the teacher should be able to listen and give possible solutions to ease child's emotions.Farrant(1980)says,"If pupils are shown love and considerate,indiscipline is reduced ,children need to be respected and this will unlikely cause seriously disciplinary problems."When you call children by their names,love them and show your sencerity definitely you will become their loco parentis,
It had noted that class organisation is closely linked to discipline and motivation. Therefore it is the duty of the teacher to maintain discipline in the class at the same time apply driving forces that guarantees that assures children are motivated in every learning situation.Disciplinary and motivational stimulus of pupils has been identified to come from inside and outside the classroom set up .The teacher should take it into consideration when making learning and teaching environment conducive.

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