06 October 2010

Ways to help gifted child to excel in academic excellency

The social concern is the context in which education is selected. Hence to recognise this factor might lead to utilise talents in our children. There is need for careful planning and programming of educational process to avoid producing technocrats(technical experts) interested in and bent on the pragmatic(practical results) use of their talents only.
Gifted children should be given provisions to learn along with others of equal level. Among the intellectual equals ,the gifted child will enjoy a competitive environment to learn effectively.
There is no time to sit back and relax because of others with a match. However the fast learner should be not shielded from making contacts with peers of average ability. The children gain valuable experience through interacting with peers ,regardless of intellectual ability. A gifted child might learn effectively if also given the challenging work which even experiencing failure. A challenging learning environment could discipline the fast learner to be kept always busy. For instance if a fast learn finishes mathematical problems earlier than the rest , the teacher should plan extension work which is more challenging to help this child to learn effectively.
Because of creative capabilities of gifted children ,their creative ability could be catered for by giving them opportunities to carry projects work alone. It could be in community research, building models or setting up experiments. The provisions is to help the talented child to persue own line of research and to exercise special talent.
A gifted child learn much more effective by being guided than being directed. Directing a talented child may be depriving the interests and opportunities of using own initiative.

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