06 October 2010


Drawing as a means of communication should be as effective as the verbal language .It should put in mind the massage ,as expressed by Berejena et al (1987:59) Communicating massages also include comprehending the pictures showing the sad,happy faces and other facial expressions.
One should easily distinquish smilling face from a sad face if drawn effectively.Other massages include picture stories revealing stages in an activity or process such as a farmer sowing seeds.
Obonyo et al gave a number of working definitions for imaginative drawing .They say imaginative drawing is ,"the act of creating new images or ideas by combining previous experience."Their definition makes drawing from imagination and drawing from memory overlap ,since both of them are based on experience as a source of inspiration.
However a slight difference exists between the two as asserted by Obonyo et al.Imagination drawing though based on experience ,seeks ideas and images that add uniqueness to the composition.
Obonyo et al also further put imaginative drawing as ,"The act of forming mental imagess of what has never been actually experienced "One might have acquired the idea about some living things existing in places quite distant and out of your reach.One can only imagine of what they are and how they behave ,for instance life on the moon or life under water or in oceans.
Imaginanative drawings is also defined as the creation of mental images from what does not exist in the world of reality as asserted by Obonyo et al.Examples of such objects are a two headed giant ,a talking hare or frying elephants.Children in this case ,create images of things they have never seen or heard of but merely from their imagination.All the details of such drawings are not linked to any past experiences.Inspiration here is varied ,drawings could be of real objects around us,stories and ideas that may reach us,dreams and fantasies that exist in the real world.
Teachers should give children opportunities to explore and experiment with their imagination.Some children are highly talented in creativity so teachers should try to assist them to express their creativity through imaginative drawing.
Teachers should vary their teaching methods ,A variation in these approaches ,motivates and stimulates children's creativity and avoid introducing unnecessary restrictions when promoting creativity.
School administrators should get involved in prioritise treat art like any other subject and make available the necessary materials ,in drawing pencils,drawing pads ,colours etc.This will make teachers their work easier and learners will enjoy to explore creativity through art.
Making regular staff development courses is important to enrich teachers with difference techniques and approaches necessary for teaching drawing and teachers should join art clubs and get much help in drawing programmes.
Exploratory approach is best to stimulate children to develop drawing and creativity skills.
Teachers should give adequate time for any art works and curriculum designers should and emphasise drawing in elimentary schools.
From the observations made by the writer ,children enjoy learning creative drawing ,through learning by experimenting with different objects in drawing.The teacher should use variety of approaches in doing drawing ,hence children get help to further their skills or to consolidate what children already possessed.
Some teachers think that imaginative drawing is difficult topic and they also underate children's performance in the area .Children are not allowed to explore their creativity ,rather they are commanded what exactly to draw.Some teachers say they only want to do art ,when they have nothing else to do with their pupils . The only kind of art proposed is "free period " which deprives children of their freedom of expression,resulting in children showing a negative attitudes towards let them be creativity through drawing or teacher will never let them have any knowledge of drawing.
In most schools especially those from low earned families they lack materials for doing art such as newsprints ,colours and knowledge on the different approaches and media that can be used in teaching
drawing to develop creativity.

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