06 October 2010


There is no Education system that is neutral,all Educational institutions are deliberately set up and mandated to pass certain worthwhile attitudes and skills to the community members as to meet the demands of the society that operates within identifiable framework. There are inherent inequalities in a society and these cannot be resolved except by conscious and concerted efforts which by nature require some form of centralised authority to initiate ,implementation and supervision.
Education is the whole process by which generations transmit their culture to succeeding one. Luthuli(1982) says all Education systems are rooted in specific philosophies of specific people thus 'people rootedness and people orintedness'.
The process by which social members are learned,trained of copy good attitudes,morals,skills to live effeciently and effectively in their society.
Ideology is a set of systematic ideas and norms directing political and social action. It acts as a goal orientation towards the achievements of national policies. Hence the term is closely associated with politics. The government in authority formulated policies which claimed to represent the society's interests within its juridiction. Lamm cited in Zvobjo(1997) views political ideologies as cognitive structures containing the interdependent beliefs ,views ,principals and myths of a given social group.
These aspects reflect the preferences and interests of that group in religious ,social and political spheres. Therefore ideology becomes the philosophy which constitute the underlined beliefs ,values ,passion and styles of thoughts, forming guarding principles in people's life.
Political ideologies are abstruct (theoratical) and are usually contained political manifestations and part of declaration.
The envisaged result is democratisation by ensuring a equity in the distribution of Educational resources.
In other words the government sets the parameters within which all economic ,social and Educational activities are carried out. As a result a scenario is symbolic relationship between politics and Education whereby one develops and shapes the other through the prevailing polictics which makes more demands on Education. Hence the governmnent invest a large part of its budget in human resources and Educational materials and priortise Education sector as public enterprise.
Curriculum planning ,aims,objectives,goals and content should reflect the ideology of a country ,that's the curriculum gives meaning to ideological statements expressed through ,social and economic declarations by the ruling part.

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