31 October 2010

Schemes of Work and Lesson Planning of Physical Education

Long term preparation which involves the designing and making of a scheme of work for some weeks or the whole term.The teacher can ensure a logical and purposeful development of the work and the inclusion of all the aspects necessary to the child's development in physical education ,only by planning ahead.
The format of a scheme of work can vary from school to school or college to college. Generally a scheme of work can have: Date, activities ,sources of matter,equipment and media,aims ,methods and organisationa and evaluative comment columns.
A teacher who is scheming takes into considerations these factors:
1.The children 's initial ability ,co-ordination ,interest and expectations;
2.Available facilities;
3.The teacher's own fitness and expertise;
4.The size of the facilities;
5.The distance of the facilities to the classroom;
6.the available equipment ,its quality ,quantity and safety to children;
7.Time allocated to physical education;
8.Children and parential attitudes to physical education;
9.Equipments and facilities which can be hired from other schools or the community.
10.A consideration of whether the lesson or lessons can be intergrated with other subjects;
11.the physical education attire for children;
12.teaching styles;
13.technical media available for learning and teaching;
14.A resource person in the form of a specialist coach,physcian, which can be called upon to enrich physical lessons.
The evaluation of the scheme of work is an on-going weekly basis by the teacher and the whole teaching process. Comments on the scheme should forwarded to help the next week lesson or theme to be covered next.
The weekly evaluation process of the scheme of work should compile the evaluation of the lessons and is enabling pupils to achieve:
•good attitudes towards healthy living;
•good health and fitness;
•the development of habits of recreation;
•a high level of skill acquisition;
•the ability to work in groups sharing equipment and facilities;
•enjoyment and a sense of achievement.
As the teacher is evaluating the schemes of work should also focus on the teaching and learnnig process to make improvements of facilities and equipments in the school and the teacher expertise to perfect the way lesson is delivered.
The evaluation process should involve the school programmes at school or college . The staff development on the teaching of physical education . The improvements of standards in the classroom ,school ,cluster ,district or national level. Appraisal of general improvement in tone of the institution.
Lesson Planning :Every lesson need to be thoroughly planned to be excuted well and achieve its intended goals. It is unjust and unprofessional to teach without a well planned lessons. Teachers can only monitored ,supervised through the professional documents schemes of work and lesson plans are part of these documsnts.
Like the schemes of work ,lesson plans can differ from college to college or school to school.The lesson plans are like the schemes of work only to include number of pupils, objective for example: By the end of the lesson children should have experience the different directions in which they can move with and without apparatus ,that's forwards ,backwards ,upwards and sideways.
Every lesson plan should have a stimulating introduction . The introduction must be short warm up activity to prepare children for the lesson.Activities can be carried out with or without equipment. and is expected to last two to five minutes.
Lesson development is the actual teaching part of the lesson and covers 10 -20 minutes of the lesson.
The climax is where lesson progressed to competition or application of the learned skills in a mini game situation. The climax take 5-10 minutes.
Conclusion should be made up of brief cooling down exercise and need the last 2-5 minutes of the last part of the lesson.
The lesson progress is stagged in sequential order .These stages should contain description of what is to be done by the learners in the activity column and descriptions of how the skills are to be taught in the coaching column. The column on organisation should give information on how children are going to work. for instance pupils may be in pairs or small groups and also how the equipment available is going to be distributed ,used ,collected and stored. The teacher should state time or duration each stage will going to spent in a lesson.
At the end of each lesson the teacher should make an evaluation of the lesson.

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