30 October 2010

Simple ways Teachers can do image -building

Teachers are the role models in any class set up. Pupils tune into the image presented by their teachers from their mere appearance. They can precisely record every reaction ,impression of feelings ,initiatives of their teachers subconsciously. The behaviours of their teachers model them to their future impressions and form an image which would be part of their personality.Therefore how can a teacher consider some of the essentials in building self image.
The knowledge component is important as pupils must have a feeling that their teacher is well versed about themselves ,their social backgrounds and overall performance including academic and non academic potentials.The social background the teacher is expected to know is their families,home area ,the school and how to conduct the educational procedures and systems.Hence the teacher is obliged to effective reflective teaching supported by thorough lesson preparation.The teacher should not be over zealous to achieve this overnight . This knowledge is an experience accumulated step by step over the years.The newly qualified teachers feel advantaged by this essential knowledge .It is good for the beginners to fight their own way out to make great strides out of the knowledge problem and show pupils that they are teachers prepared to guide them in their learning processes.Teachers should utilise every opportunity to demostrate every knowledge of significant needs in the community and the school environment.Calling children by their names is a strike overhead to identify them in the system. Then the pupils will always realise what the teacher says about them as they mentioned their names.
Secondly image-building supported by firm impression of purpose .This component is important and should be taken seriously not to seek quick and easy popularity which can easily fade up through its practices.By discovering that their teachers are also human beings ,pupils tend to like their teachers and respect them.The firm impressions of purpose have both achieved by being thorough the teacher contributes to method of instructions and demands made to the pupils.In turn the sense of responsibility builds attention to detail ,serious work and pupils are assumed to be groomed into effective acceptable habit development.
Finally the image-building should lies on the component of strength and resolution .Pupils always put eyes to their teachers ,how they react whenever crisis araise. Teachers therefore should be calm ,pleasent and courteous.A teacher who is capable to demostrate when it becomes necessary and clear use of the rules and instructions.

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