30 October 2010

Helping Children who have mastered the basics to develop further in their Reading Skills

When children mastered the basics of reading and when they are capable of reading more than 100 words with on or few assistances can now need to be improved in fluency and speed in reading.
For every passage the teacher planned to read in a lesson should always study well in advance . Spot new words and discuss with the whole class before reading the pronunciation of the words and they meaning preferably accoording to the context to be read.The teacher also decide the difficulty it represents for the class .To reduce the difficulties the teacher prepare both words and sentence structures. When the passage is relatively simple the teacher can let the children read for themselves silently and then ask them about the words they read in the passage.
During the presentation of different reading lessons the teacher must vary the treatment and use different patterns to make each lesson live and unique ,so as to interestingly capture the attention.
The wordcards and sentence charts should be carefully done with the learners in mind and in view of how they can be organised.
Sometimes the teacher must read the text aloud for first impression and gist. Thereafter children must again read the passage on their own silently for them to understand the context.
In their groups children are expected to do some activities like relook at the passage,make some discussions and reveal the pictures if available about how is it linked with the written content.
Different groups can do given different task . Remember if the grouping is an ability grouping ,it is necessary to give the fast group opportunity to read silentily.
The teacher can also assess whether to take the whole class for loud reading sentence by sentence or to select the few who can get this help.
Dialogue texts can be in the form of play form with each speaker is name tacked and can read aloud.
The passege can also be dramatised and to make it more comprehensible and more interesting as it is delivered into real life.After the dramatisation the slow readers can be given another opportunity to read the passege again to benefit greatly.
After some evaluation and if the teacher found out that the passage is too difficult to the level of the learners ,the lesson can be replanned and taught later using more media or a resource person.

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