30 October 2010


Like the plan done in business to make is smooth running and functions well. In education system to be successful the teacher has to go through scheming and lesson planning.
Since lesson planning is an extension of schemes of work or certain aspects that are found under the scheming are also applicable to lesson planning.
According to Kasambira(1983) a lesson plan is a short carefully written outline which contain information on the teacher's objectives ,topic ,skills or strategies and activities for each specific period. In short lesson plans are specific learning activites which involve a given scheme of work.
Importance of lesson planning is to ensure learning is to occur carefully in an organised classroom activities based on clearly stated objectives , introduction ,content and conclusion are essentially stated logically.It is only through thoughtful planning that the teacher and the learners can work together towards clearly understood purposes.
In all daily lesson plans the teacher provides materials to be learned by pupils as stated in a systemised and structured lesson, with important ideas to be learnt and understood. The teacher will be prepared and does not teach anyhow without direction ,because the lesson plan is toilored to achieve set objectives . Lesson plan can be used for future reference and can improve on weakness. Hence ensures coherence with the respect of learners and content which can be assessed by the administration or supervisors who checking on how well the teacher can prepare and implement what had being planned in an actual learning and teaching situation. Ability to prepare a professional teaching plan can be tested and evidenced.
Major considerations the teacher can take before lesson planning are who is to be taught ? A good lesson plan takes a cognitive level of learners to be taught . What kind of class is it? The ability levels of learners whether mixed or not is it a sharp class ? What is to be taught and the materials of the lesson should be in line with the objectives of the lesson. Objectives will then guide you on what to emphasise ,that is what is in alignment with the aims of the syllabus and schemes of work. How is it to be taught ?The determination of methods is now clear to serve the purpose of the lesson based on ways of conducting learning. However the methods of instruction must vary to avoid monotony. This will be the major determination of pacing the lesson and activities to involve the learners.
The formatted detailed lesson plan vary from institution to another institution. But generally must include the subject to be taught as per class timetable ,number of pupils ,date ,topic ,theme ,content to be taught ,concept ,moral values,objectives ,sources of matter,teaching and learning aids ,assumed knowledge of the learners experiences ,introduction should be interesting and related to the lesson topic ,lesson development stages and the conclusion to consolidate the new concepts learned.
Finally after the lesson the teacher should evaluate the lesson taught immediately considering the effectiveness of the method of command and instruction,the media used ,the performance of the learners and identifies the weaknesses and strength of the lesson. So that it is now easier to state the remedial,extension work ,The way forward to the next lessons is now easier to be drafted.


  1. Quite right. The success of any teaching hinges on the quality of preparation and planning that precedes the teaching in the classroom. Howvever, teachers also need to cope with actual realities that emerge during lesson delivery and previously not anticipated.The adage that even the best laid plans can go wrong needs to be acknowledged to avoid frustration in lesson delivery.