30 October 2010

Writing Skills for children age range 9-12 Years.

Writing is the most difficult skill of all the skills the child learn at school.However this is one of the most interesting to a child since crawling stages until further introduced to in conventional in the infant classes at school.
Writing has its own two basic meanings which are putting language into its written form and writing meaningful sentences in a story or text.At the ages of 9-12 we all agreed that children are able to speak through their writing skills and follow language rules in writing their own compositions.
Therefore how the teacher can help children to write good sentences to make their composition meaningful and exciting? Let investigate it below to find out how the teacher can assist the children.
The purpose of writing exercises should be to reinforce the oral teaching of new words and structures and to expose the opportunity to develop writing skills in a variety of ways.
Children at this stage may likely to lost interests in schooling activities and regard coming to school as a noble idea.The teacher
must note that one of the demotivating factor is the difficult of this language skills and pupils need to be thoroughly prepared to make writing more exciting to them as much as possible.Hence the teacher is now obliged to prepare writing execrcise that help children rather than testing them.
Writing is merely metters on expressiveness or creativity ,of which pupils at this stage need to be taught to in controlled practice and groomed to transactional writing.Furthermore the types of writing necessary for other subjects in the curriculum are also of paramount significance to the children.
The teacher not directs children to do written work that leads them into making many mistakes. The reinforcement which accurately form correct habita are critical ways pupils can make use of their writings in developing their language in the learning process.Remember as a teacher that children always make naturally make a lot of errors and tend to reinforcing bad habits .The teacher's duty therefore is to let them continuously practise correct forms ,by doing the exercises not in purely mechanical way.The key to write well in any language is through preparation in language development and its structures.
Writing is the permanant form of communication which can be used by generations to come when they learn about their historical backgrounds and the way people were living in the past . When a child is capable of writing can also able to communicate with the society in different ways more conveniently.

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