30 October 2010

Implications for the Teaching and Learning of Art in the Primary Education Using Discipline Based Art Education.

Discipline Base Art Education approach has a considerable benefits on the children 's way of learning art as it produce a whole artistic person.
In my previous blogs on art education I wrote the influence of art history as it enhances acquiring of artistic skills and techniques as children are modelled by the past and match them to the needs of the creativity of the modern society as they had stimulated by the idea of the background art in the society.
Therefore art history should be considered by the primary school teacher whenever teaching art lessons.
Also children should freely express their views about art in their society as this has positive affection on people's zeal in spearhead a sense of visualise art and creativity.
Art exposes children to aesthetics through developing their mental images without impounded by negation of hasitation possibly being emotionally victimised by peers or teachers. Art foster children to acquire necessary skills and techniques in art which are essential in developing their perspective abilities ,usually influential in an artist.
Therefore teachers should use Discipline Base Art Education model as a guideline and implementation should suit the needs of the school and the culture of the surrounding community where the children reside.
Bare in mind that Education is the selection of the culture ,no society or community in particular without its own form of art.
The old idea of an iron sharpening another iron isn't exceptional to primary school teachers.
Why not organise seminars ,workshops or staff development Discipline Base Art Education at your school,cluster ,district or regional level. These meetings cannot made be possible by the politicians ,but Educational practitioners themeselves.
Discipline Base Art Education is appropriate if frequently planned with demostration method of instruction using different teaching skills. A teacher is usually regarded as the jack of all trades and master of none. Under normal circumstance not all teachers are artists naturally ,but can invite those talented local artists as resource persons. When consulting them to be resource person approach them in good manners and politely discuss the importance of being in a specific lesson ,they may turn up for your request.
Schools are centres of community for education and its development .Hence should have art culture at heart ,inculcate a morality of artisitc sense through building art studios,and gather artistic materials to develop a unique artistic environment for the concern of child education. Thereafter teaching art in its rich environment is both motivating and conducive to children education.

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