30 October 2010

Skills Development Tests in Physical Education

The evaluation of the education process is made simple because of measuring the learner's learning abilities,thus through testing.
The teacher must select a test by considering among other criteria a measure which is something considered important in the learning objectives and these objectives offer easy scoring to the extent where pupils can use it on their own.
Accuracy Tests for assessing the pupil shoots for a goal in ball games. The pupil will stand at a certain distance from the goal and allowed to try specified number of trials at shooting. The recorder has to record both the unsuccessful and unsuccessful shots.
The assessment of throwing at a target accuracy serve in tennis , volley a ball at a target ,bowl in cricket at a targer ,pitch in softball ,baseball or hockey at a target. The performer is instructed to stand at a given distance from the target . Then asked to perform the task for a given number of times . The recorder has to record the successful and unsuccessful serves.
Tests of power ,time ,distance and height :A child becomes the performer whilst others become the recorders. The recorders measure and record the distances achieved in throwing the javelin,putting the shot ,throwing a ball ,kicking a ball . On measuring and recording the height the performer can jump.
The recorders can also record the time the performer takes to run or swim over a given distance or record the amount of time taken by a team of players to shoot for a goal or make a counter attack in a major or minor game.

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