30 October 2010

The significance of Involving Learners Actively in the Learning Processes.

Pupils who engage actively in their learning gain mentally ,physically and behaviourally.Their overal development is enhanced consciously and unconsciously .There are three domains of learning which are cognitive,psych-motor and affective need to developed within a learner.
Cognitive Development
According to Piaget ,young children reach a stage when they need to handle things in order to develop concepts.The concrete operational stage in the use of objects,pictures and role plays to cultivate intellectual behaviour.
However involving children in the learning depend heavily on their feelings that they are achieving something.The slow and some average learners may also find learning more interesting through a sense of achievement which can energise the rest of their life.Through the active learning the intelligent child earns the creativity of being an inventor.
Therefore well planned experimental lessons quickens thought ,invites discussion and suggests the next point in investigations.These lessons promotes discipline and facilitates learning as it is effective in meeting objectives and supporting the teacher.
Psycho-motor Development
Co-ordination of mind is a prerequisite for skill acquisition.For this co-ordination to be effective ,resulting in the production of swift and meaningful desired patterns of movement usually it requires a special arrangement of the lesson structure .
The skills of measuring ,manipulating ,handling equipment and specimens and all others are all acquired in similar pattern.These skills are useful in making a student responsible for his life in future by being ocuppied with anything profitable in future.
Affective Development
Learning is not on academic subjects only,but what can be learned explains what occurs in the world and in their immediate community.
Pupils should develop attitudes of inquiry ,discovery ,open mindedness ,divergent thinking and creativity.These may be against understanding of life experiences ,co-existence with natural disasters on earth and other non-aggressive tendencies.
This might sound contradictory,but through well -guided learning ,pupils can learn to appreciate themselves in broad context of all life matters by carefully observing other forms of life.Active minded citizens are an asset to the society as they will easily go into new problem with new solution, confidently and backing of their past simple experience.Children should be learned to perform developmental tasks.
A developmental task is one which arises at about certain period in life of an individual ,successful achievement of which leads to happiness and success with later tasks,while failure leads to sorrow in the individual disapproval by society and difficulty with later tasks.
Active learning in normal children builds a sense of integrity ,feelings of self satisfication and a general ease of nerves.
Naturally children are active,that's why they always like playing games or use hands to make toys for playing with them.The strong motivation provided by tactile stimulation is high correlated with the growth and development of the young children.Intellects ,skills and emotions are nurtured by experience.
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