30 October 2010

Chart-making to enhance Learning and Teaching Environment.

The main purpose of charts are to aid learning and they should be good smart ,attractively eye-catching ,easily understood ,accurately informative ,clear and simple.
When making a chart the teacher should first sketch faintly using pencil and is literally placed centrally.
The carefully use of rule top /bottom to reach label help to make letters of the same height ,evently placed letters parallel to top and bottom of chart.
The font of title of the should be larger than the rest of the chart.Do not write ,but print size to adequate and check from the back of average classroom.
When using colours they should help to bring clarity and highlight for easier understanding. Colours add attractiveness ,interests to a chart.
The chart must be kept simple and uncrowded. The chart must emphasize main points that are necessary for the lesson in which the chart used. The carefully use of lines,dots ,etc in place of solid colour . They are often confusing.
The spellings must thoroughly double checked ,it is good to do it in pencil before inking in.When concentrates on the difficulty of making a letter the correct shape ,it is easy to make silly mistakes. It is advisable to use light coloured paper for dark inking or khaki for reds ,blue.
The used charts can be displayed after the competition of the conceptualization through considering the solely lesson illustrations or displays over a long period.Permanently displayed charts should be attractive ,interest and contain the contents to which inspection and warrant of contemplation. Hence it should achieve:
•present information that evokes critical consideration ,for example set of visuals which show something before and after an event .The techniques for ensuring that the visuals will be used beneficially are introduce them ,state their purpose and how long they will be on display. Indication of the expectations of answering or performing the exercise based on. Pupils will compare and in comparing will learn.
•offer some difficulty in an acceptable manner to the pupils. These tactics should help children to react positively to the displays.
The Rationale of Chart-making
The effectiveness of learning methods discovered :
♥read alone 10%
♥hearing 20%
♥seeing 50 %
♥doing 80%
♥say and do 90%
Teachers should know the rate of learning as it varies from fast to very slow even in a fast learners' class ,so that variation of teaching methods is essential .
The importance of visual aids in the learning process should not overlooked. Pupils who use two senses that's hearing and looking will learn faster than those only rely on hearing only.
The impact of chart in content subjects cannot be over-emphasized.
Teachers who are well convesant with the subject content are even self -deception to imagine that by explaining it in words alone to learners will grasp the concepts through imagination.
According to Dr Rambiwa ,"Provision and use of audio visual aids"The use of charts can increase the amount of learning taking place by 40 % Charts can be used for practical exercises.

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