17 October 2010

Disaster of Non behavioural in lesson objectives

In lessons it is the duty of the teacher in every lesson to plan and set objectives which are SMART that is specific, measurable,achievable ,realistic and timed. However although it is everyone's wish to make all the objectives achieved in in class by all learners.It is difficult to be 100% successful .Nevertheless objectives need to be successful.
Mager puts objectives as a description of a performance you want learners to be able to exhibit or carry out before you conclude them to be competent.An objective is the outline of intended result of instruction rather than the process of instruction itself.
The curriclum designers advise teachers to state objectives in behavioural terms.That is outline what the learner is expected to do.
The purpose of objectives is to form a sound basis for selection or designing of teaching aids ,make clear of the content to be taught ,the teaching methods ,learners' organisation and activities.
Objectives form a sound basis for assessing and evaluating the teaching and learning process for its success.The objectives is a candlelight to see what remedial,extention work a teacher can take to help learners.The purposes of objectives in Education are endless ,but the above help to realise why behavioural objectives are advisable.
A well stated objectives is the one that succeeds in communicating an intended instructional result to the learner.One must ,after reading your objective,be in position to produce a student who performs according to the consistent of your stratergy. The best statement is the one that clearly state the intented goal.
In many cases teachers state objectives as aims which can not distinct the SMART. When teaching we are concerned with knowledge,skills , atittudes or moral values which are applied in diferent situation of life.A statement of objectives is useful to the extend that it specifies what learners will do or perform to demostrate any change in behaviour,knowledge ,attitudes ,moral value or mastery of a skill.We only determine what knowledge ,behaviour , attitude or morality people possess by what they do or say.Concepts which are concrete easly identified by using it.For example playing a guitar,moulding pots,practising soccer skills,sculpting.and so on.Whereas abstract concepts such as morality,attitudes or knowledge are observed through doing something that represents the meaning of abstractions.
How do you identify that learners understand,appreciate or have faith or master the moral concept of forgiveness? It is that which makes learners to do a demostration of the above and must be stated as an objective.As a guide to predict what the learner should be able to do at the end of the lesson.The respond must be in action words that clearly specify the action like run,smile ,write draw etc.
Perfomance are in two groups which are observed during the specific lesson through seeing or hearing and assessment such as giving a task during the lesson or at the end of the lesson.The second group can not be observed directly .The performance are mental invisible or internal.This is where teaching of Religious and Moral Education(RME) ,Social Studies etc are done.We can only ask our learners to say or do something visible for us to measure the success of mastery in such type of performance.Whenever the performance is internal add an indicator behaviour by which the main performance will be known for instance in RME give learner different situations to show how they can apply forgiveness ,for example in personal judgements or love.In languages how should be able to identify misspelt word in a given list(underlined or circled ) In Social Studies learners can be given a task to do community research of topic rules and laws.You easily identify whether learners are meeting the objectives and learn of their their community.
If statement doesn't state a performance it isn't an objective.It is something else.If objectives state a performance,it become easy to assess the success in teaching.A teacher who knows where he is going stand a better chance of getting there and know that he had arrived than the confused one.
The evaluation made easy as we can able to state the strengths and weaknesses of teaching methods,media,learners' organisation and activities so the extension and remedial work is planned on.We plan remedial action based on the learner's perfomance.
It is an educational and professional crime to evaluate the lesson which state non-behavioural objectives as they do not specify what the learner will do.How will you find out that learning had took place,the teaching methods were successful and the media is effective? How would you justify the time taken in a lesson,teaching appreciation of melody? When its end is set by a guide to measure the depth of appreciation.Why at first you set yourself in the task of teaching appreciation of positive moral code etc? There is a need to have clear objectives.

I conclude that it is important for all teachers to attend refresher course on the value and significance of setting SMART objectives.

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