17 October 2010

Development of Reading Skills in Children's Primary Education Process.

Teaching a child to listen and speaking the language is not enough to develop them to be prowess in all communicative skills which need reading and writing skills. Reading is the platform to help developing writing skills. How reading skill develops in children learning?
Preformal reading stage is reading readiness activities of development when either through maturation or previous learning or both ,a child can read easily and propery. It influences the social or emotional attitude to language and also a background for success in the beginning to teach reading.
Visual perspection is to understand what one sees and involves the use of pictures for the learners to interpret. Pictures has to be put from left to right direction. Sorting and comparing objects and pictures.
Visual discrimination is the ability to see likeness and differences in objects. Sorting shapes they can also sort letters have loose letter cuts ,matching games or drawn shapes. Children may spot the odd one out ,in visual rhythms they use strings cards.
Visual memory recalls what one had to see thus several objects on the table and children to pick them as they called them.Two large drawings one should be more detailed than the other one. Sequencing these drawings and remove the initial ,for example TOOK and remove it.
Auditory discrimination is the ability to notice similarities and differences. This one later sound association involved sound processes in reading. Sounds around us have a game like teacher says 'stop , smile'. It helps children to listen attentively.
Auditory memory is the ability to remembers sounds images through reading a lot of repetition on the basis of remembering the sounds of the letters,reciting ,rewritten stories. A story with a phrase being repetited once more competing rhymes ,for example ,'the earoplane fly high to sky.' 'You will eat the right fruits.'
Directions and order give orders to the pupils whilst listen after that order they follow it. Hower monitor eye and motor coordination.

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