31 October 2010

The main causes of reading problems to the children

There are so many problems which inhibit children developing the skills of reading among them include ,mispronunciation ,stammering ,lack of practice and environment not conducive for promoting reading skill development.
Some of educational causes of reading problems include inadequate reading readiness before formal teaching of reading. Some may have inadequate oral language base according to Sprosty (1993) a child can never read a word s/he can never seen before.
Children may get inappropriate reading instructions. Pupils learn to read effectively by developmental and appropriately paced approach. However the teachers must avoid reading texts at frustrational levels. They must consider the different cognitive levels of children ,the instructional levels which guide children to read after given instrument. The independent reading level ,the children reads without instructions.
Teachers in the developing countries for example because of lack of the educators. The few who are in the field are given large classes of over 60 pupils whom will definitely lack individualised instructions and good teacher pupil relationships.Some children have reading problems simply because they afraid their teacher or the teacher is not patient to the slow learners and have self-fulfilling prophecy ,that's having a pre-conceived idea of the child.
The reading programme might be displayed well on the timetable ,but the teachers may not utilise it as they focus on other skills such as writing and oral work.Instead of the reading programme as per timetable.
Some school administrators may lack the knowledge of supervising their staff to develop reading skills and some communities have poor school attendance which is not pleasing teachers to effectively help pupils to develop their language skills such as of reading which needs constant practise. In some communities again there is also massive movements of children as their parents are migrating to other places seeking for employment or sustainable and comfortable living conditions after being affected by wars,natural disasters or any other possible natural causes.
Apart of educational causes, physical causes can hinder every workable reading skills these include visual defects,stammering ,poor general health ,malnutrition,auditory defects or the lack of medical assistance.
Intellectual causes can cause reading problems and are found to be of average or below average intelligence. At about transitional period when the child is wearning from infants classes to juniours ,intellectual ability becomes more and more critical.This is because of the need for evaluation and interpretation of what the child read for understanding(comprehension).
Finally the social and emotional causes contribute to reading difficulties which further trigger emotional disturbances.
Social backgrounds or cultural activities may deprived children as they are not getting effective instructions . When teaching reading teachers should make use of concrete media to enhance the concrete experience for a particular learner.

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