29 October 2010


Teaching is one of the oldest profession ,which dates back to the early existence of human species.Teaching is concerned with imparting knowlege from one person to another following pedagogical content knowledge.The methods used were slowly
upgraded according to the findings from traditional to progressive methods.
The teacher has content knowledge and the knowledge how to teach(pedagogy) whose
combination is called pedagogical content knowledge.
The teacher has to modify the information from a texbook,magazine,newsletter ,website in to a specific subject content and the subject matter knowledge inorder to communicate with learners.
This means sequencing content in the most logical way so that a hierarchy of concepts are built and the maximum interaction with learners such that the content has a meaning in the lives of the learners.
The effective teacher has to be able to displays attitudes that promotes learning ,for instance interests being knowledgeable and enjoy the work through effective use multi-media in lesson delivery and take consideration of learners' feelings.This means to motivate them to persevere in the situations that they are opting to give up.
Teaching Methods these are strategies or ways by which content is put across to the learner for objective and aims to be achieved and development of skills.
Curzon(1994)says ,methods used in a particular branch of activities.Methods can be regarded as ways,approaches,strategies ,procedures,mode,modus operandus manner ,means etc.Methods put the learner at the centre of learning whereby right interests and needs are considered.
Whilst methodology of Instruction this refers to practices ,techniques ,rules routines and procedures employed by the teacher in order to assist learning. Curzon(1994)expresses ,methodology as body of methods used in particular activities. The significance of instructional methodology can be summarised as follows:
It is aimed at assisting learning of dividual (human development)students, offers systems of activity which can affect individual human development and is based on knowledge of how learners learn.Also take it into account the essential position for further learning.
Teaching cannot be divorced from the world in which the learner lives.The teacher should be able to reveal to the learners(children) to learn to be able to make sense and meaning out of the world.Learning can be introduced to children through use of real life media,play or discussion.Reveal reality to the pupils by means of relavant examples and encourage pupils to discover reality by giving them assignment and use of specific instructions.
Methods and Classroom Instructions:There are numerous methods as there are teachers in the world .However ,it is very important to note that :
Each method is best on some theorectical base or belief or research.The scope and variety of methods have been greatly enhanced by technology.Each method has its own rationale ,techniques objectives ,merits and demerits.These teaching methods are closely linked and inseparable.
Factors Influencing the Selection of a Particular Method:
•Learners' ages,abilities and health.
•Materials whether they are new,abstract ,concret ,familiar etc.
•Objectives to be achieved through which best ways to use or effective use of media.
•Physical environment ,do we have the suitable environment for learners to learn from necessary materials.
•Cost ,how much funds needed to incur from school and is the money available.
•The teacher is really prepared to use the method s/he chooses ,does personality suit the method and can demostrate.
•How much time do you have for the method ?Does the time allow for the method to be effective.
•And is the method interesting or motivating.

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