31 October 2010

Teaching Reading to improve communicative skills.

Reading is now regarded as useful skill ,every child going to school must possess. Without doubt reading is very important anywhere even online to communicate with various websites ,textbooks,newspapers ,emails ,or to operate a PC or mobile all this devices needs someone with abilities to read and understand what is written.
Reading is the ability to pronounce words correctly and fluently. Reading can be done for understanding the passage ,so as to comprehend when answering questions.These two tend to ignore the simplicity of reading skill . Therefore reading is a skill in which information from the text and knowledge of the reader act concurrently to produce a meaning.
Anderson et al (1995) put a view of reading as interaction by means of which an author's meaning encoded in written symbols becomes meaningful in the minds of the reader. Reading is a thinking process which includes decoding of written symbols ,interpreting the meaning of those symbols as well as applying ideas that we have.
Friedman and Roshels (1980)suggest reading as extraction of meaning from written symbols to be both decoding and communicating process. In which the effective domain figures out strongly ,that's something to do with our emotions.
Therefore teachers should try to motivate pupils to like reading as reading is a holistic behaviour not broken into pieces that had to be seperated.

Decording which is identifying the pronunciation and meaning of symbols in the form of letters combined to make a words,digits to make numbers or some different signs used in a particular places such as industries ,roads or society can agreed by all members and then taught to the next children.
Reading also involves word attack and word recognition which require the knowledge of symbols and their sounds as well as the knowledge of word structures.When words identification is automatic then decoding is a prerequisite ,but itself is reading.
Interpretation or comprehension,besides decoding comprehension has to be there so as to have an analysis of hidden meanings and its implications.
Reading can be applied successfully by decoding , interpretation and effectively by application of knowledge and information.The maturation of knowledge and skills exclusively depends on the skill actively used in new situations ,that's new ideas applied to previous knowledge and experience. The teacher should give exercises in the form of evaluating questions as well as questions which probe pupils to read the passege.

Pupils' attitudes early in their life has to be towards positive in interest or need to read then if supported by environment which promotes positive reading process this pupils will succeed. Teacher should create such environment fostered by positive attitudes towards reading by displaying positive attitudes personally ,being seen reading by pupils for example newspapers ,magazines ,newsletters or browsing the internet. After that give them an interesting summary of exciting stories or news you read about.Demostrate to them how enjoyable it is to read on your own.

Interact whole rather than seperate skills: Reading is more than some of the sub -skills of reading . Usually people reading by letting the sub-skills interact ,so that it become one act of reading.They make intelligent guesses and check on enough decoding aids such as phonics ,while in checking meaningful clues arranged sequentially by the author in building up the message. Reading is not a one thing process ,it require continous practice inorder to develop this skill.

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