25 September 2010


Since all religions are regarded as being sent by God, their aims and purposes are the similar on one thing which may differs only in their social ,laws and other teachings. This is because the world is changing , developing and people have different needs at different times in history. The social teaching have to change to meet this needs. Bahã'í acknowledges and proclaims the necessity and inevitability of unification of mankind for the world peace. He claimed that nothing but spirit of God working through his chosen messenger for this day can succeed in bringing this about. The teachings of Bahã' Ullãh were to make the achievements of this goal.
All religons should reduce every kind of discrimination whether race class colour creed ,nation or religion must be abandant.
Bahã'í beliefs include one God,the immortal soul and the evolution(biological ,spiritual and social) of mankind. They don't believe in Angels,trinity, the reincanation and man's fall from perfection and subsequent ransom through the blood of Jesus Christ.As widely believed by Christians.
In his faith man and woman are equal both in rights and brotherhood. Monogamy type of marriage is the only one allowed.
Religion and science should be in harmony with each other such that each individual should investigate truth for himself. Opportunities and priviledges should be free provided of which education is as compulsorily provision for all. There is need for world federation to uphold peace,eliminate extreme of wealth and promote international languages to reduce communication barriers.
Bahã' Ullãh revealed three major prayers on daily basis and a believer should pray atleast one of them.
Fasting practiced during the daylight only in the month of 'Alã which fall in march. In the Bahã'í faith there is no rituals nor clergy ,all members are equal and they should meet for worship on the first day of every Bahã'í month.
They regard themselves as a mission of the spiritual conquest and they try to spread their faith through door to door conversations,information publications and campaigns in the community as well as to participate in other community projects.
The followers are taught to be obedience to their national laws of any country they belong, reside or visited taking part in the activities like participating in polls,but not get involved in political partisionship ,compaigns,nor join the combatant duties of armed forces. Moreover they are not conscientious objectors.
Bahã'í calender has 19 months, each having 19 days with certain intercalary days.

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