25 September 2010

The holy scriptures of Islam

Qur'ãn believed to be a copy of eternal scriptures written in heaven and reviewed chapter by chapter to the Prophet Muhammad. It is the direct word of Allah which guides the muslims what is in the Qur'ãn is sufficient and complete for Muslims. In as far as what is contained in other books if the Qur'ãn confirms the Muslims confirm as well. If the Qur'ãn rejects ,the Muslims also reject it. Moreso if the Qur'ãn doesn't speak about it ,the Muslims don't need it and don't accept or reject it.
Muslims from the prophet's teachings believed in one Supreme God Allah the almight,creator and sustainer of life. Allah is invisible ,eternal ,omnipotent(great power without limit),omniscient(present everywhere) and nothing else can be called Allah as the name has no plural.
Islam contradict the idea of some christians of trinity . The idea of trinity doctrine implies that God is in partnership with other divine beings thereby compromising his oneness to the Islam beliefs it amounts to a form of idolatry.
In the existence of the angels Muslims concur that angels created by Allah ,although he is alone as the God figure is surrounded and assisted by angels. These angels perform a variety of functions for example recording the deeds of a man throughout human life and they don't consider as divine in their own right.
Prophets are regarded as Allah's messengers whom his revelations has brought to mankind. The list of prophets include names like:Abraham,Ishmael,Isaac,Jacb,Moses ,Jesus and others. Muhammad was the last and the final of these messengers who was the greatest of all Allah's messengers.
Muslims believe in the day of judgement ,that upon death the body returns to Earth and the soul gets in to a state of sleep until ressurection day when Allah will judge. Man's deeds will be weighed on the judgement day and will be assigned to 'Jannah or Johannam' which are equivelant to heaven or hell respectively.One destiny depends on the moral records during the period of his /her stay on Earth. There is room for repentence during one's life. This is according to Qur'ãn:Surah 39:42, ''Allah receiveth souls at the time of their death ,and that which dieth not in its sleep .He keepth that for which He hath ordained death''.On resurrection Surah 75 devote to ''Qiyamat''(AYA) which means resurection or ''The rising of the dead'' (MMP).
Surah 75:1,3,6,40,AYA, ''I do call to witness the Resurrection Day ...Man think we cannot assemble his bones...Allah has the power to give life to the dead''.
According to the Islam the soul can have different destinies which may be either in heavenly gardern of paradise or the punishment of a burning hell.Surah 51:12-14( MMP)states the judgement day as when they will be tormented at the fire. So for the sinners taste your torment in the life of the world which is more painful and have no defender from Allah.
After the death a person's soul goes to the Barzakh or 'Partition' a place in which people will be after death waiting the judgement day.(Surah 23:99,100,AYA)The soul is conscious in the ''Chastisement of the Tomb''
In marriage views Islam promote polygamy ,nevertheless many Muslims are monogamous.This is because of the burden faced by many widows and orphans. Quran made room for polygamy as to marry two,three or four wives and do justice to them.
Another form of marriage called mut'ah is defined marriage as a special contract between couples through offer and acceptance of marriage for a specific period of time. Dowry (Islamuna) is the permanent marriage. But Sunnis regard Shíãh as marriage for pleasure and the children are legitimate and have the same rights like those in the permanent marriage. Apparently Islam is one of the religion which force its followers to practice circumcision which believed started by Abraham to his sons Ishmael and Isaac. The major benefits of cirmcision is reduction of sexually transmitted disease including HIV and AIDS by 50-65% according to researches. Cancer both to a man and his wife as approved by medical practitioners. It also give ultimate sexual pleasure and good hygiene.
The daily life of a devout Muslim is to turn to Mecca five times a day in prayer (salãt) . On Friday is the sabbath day when the Muslims gathered in their Mosque for prayer and hear the haunting call of muezzin from the minaret of the Mosque. The Mosque is the place of worship where they call to Allah,study,legal and judicial activities ,consultation ,preaching ,guidance,education and preparation.For every place there is Muslim society there must be a Mosque. These Mosque are now found everywhere in the world even in non Islamic states.
The Muslims must observe five pillars found in Surah 33:40,2:144,24:56,2:183-1853,3:97 These are:
•(shahãddah)Muhammad the prophet is the messenger of Allah. No god but Allah.
•(salãt)A prayer facing towards Mecca five times a day.
•(zakãh)A charity to give a percentage of one's valueable property or income.
•(sawm)Fasting especially month-long of Ramadan celebration.
•(hajj)Pilgrimage, an obligation to every Muslim male to visit the holy city Mecca. Excuses is extended to those ill and poor.
When Muslim pilgrims at Mecca walk seven times around the Ka'bah and touch or kiss the black stone.
The Prophet Muhammad's death leads to massive division between the Sunní and the Shí'ite Muslims ,The unity was later restored by succesors. However the Muslim tradition says the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ascended to heaven from the rock in the D

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