03 October 2010

Electronic Gaming Craze can Help to Improve Children's Creative and Intelligent way of Education!

The new era of technological advancement has swept across the globe ,a large number of educational materials through the internet are organised through games.
While playing electronic games,researchers had discovered that children learn better and get motivated in a edutainment environment.
Games designed and organised to be played as treasure hunts,mathematical ,spelling puzzels or musical refreshers.Through gaming children's intelligence develop as they interacting with intensely detailed and realistic simulation of a wide variety of different situations which they are learning and expriencing instantly.
Electronic games are plays that usually comprised of a single person with a computer device or more people following as programmed software with strict set of rules. There are some electronic games which has an option to be played with single person or in groups of twos or more people playing the same game using an electronic device.It is now common to see tens of people gathered in some places playing computer games.
Electronic games include computer programed software ,video,console and arcade games.Computer games are played entirely on a PC , laptop or palmtop.Whilst video and console games are connected to a monitor or TV set and a game player ,whereas arcade games placed in public spaces.
Playing electronic games make people busy and interesting.Game playing oriented a purpose.They help children to relieve tension ,give them chance to express their feelings ,emotions ,fears and worries. Children can be conditiond by the system of electronic games to develop news skills and attitudes as a new way of discovering the world order of doing things.
Morally games develop children to respect each other and construct knowledge whilst discover their world. Furthermore games promote groupwork ,create sense of imagination and satisfy a sense of creativity.
Children's gaming activities develop their skills ,such as fine motor skills,listening ,language development like speaking and gross motor- skills co-ordination.They effectively develop socially as they exposed to rich playing experiences.
Electronic gamers are discovered to be highly intelligent individuals who fully developed a logical problem solving capacity.According to James Gee a researcher's recommendations ,that electronic gamers are active problems solvers who subscribed to the belief that mistakes are not errors ,but opportunities for improvements. Electronic gamers spend a lot of time playing with the software searching for new ways to overcome challenges as they stimulated to form and test hypotheses constantly.
Inconclusion electronic games are both entertaining and educative in nature ,hence children learn to spot the focal point,areas of interests and easily get where the problem usually araised. A child who given access to electronic games is both creative and intelligent than those without much access ,although some believed in creativity and intelligence as inborn talents.

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