30 September 2010

The Threat of Serious Stress to Mental and Physical Health wellbeing!

People wonderfully characterised by expections which agitatively led them not to feel stable when waiting for something.For example on the bus stop waiting for commuter omnibus to go to work or passenger train, a flight to take them for tours, holidays ,trips or business meetings. The human mind is worried of new places to be visited ,being late to work to school or of being behind the schedules. Hence the response is hurriedly running from pillar to post trying to make things be in the normal conditions it supposed to be. Even school children in the classroom are hyperactive in most of learning situations especially when speaking they can have a habit of picking some grasses,or doing irrevant gestures. Some also cannot be able to get settled when learning. They do numerous of unnecessary things at the same time disturbing their learning and others.
All these and numerous anxious activities perpetuated by sense of urgency ,agility and hurriedly wrestling against the trickling of seconds done by human beings at various situations these are all signs of stressful conditions.
Stress is caused by many different things ranging from our regular work,poor family relationship,lack of funds ,unemployment ,boredom, psycho-activities and some situations which spearheaded us to have stressful characters. Because of not making travels to new places and many of us may get unsettled when then intended to make trips there. Although stress has some advantages in our lives. It is stress which makes us have the ability to do assigned tasks go to work ,fight against maladies of life and develops in us the sense of moral responsibilty. For example if there is something need to be accomplished take for example the need to process sales orders for customers, or doing school assignments. Stress clicks in our minds to produce a hormine called adrenaline from adrenal glands which helps to carry out the tasks set before us.
However stress is the most dangerous threat to our health and wellbeing if it forced use in to impossible comprehensive situations. Since in many occassions , we failed to manage some challenges laid ahead of us.For instance someone cannot able to cope with financial problems at home because of little income to meet the basic needs including utility bills like ,water ,energy,phone or rent bills. These utility bills cannot get us settled and drive us to do immoral activities such as prostitution ,corruption,cheating ,lying or other unacceptable deviant behaviours to get out of odds which makes us failures.
Long term stressful situations may cause us to accumulate anxiety, having muscle tensions,increased blood pressures or disturbance in food digestions. Stressful people generally find that tension never goes away it remains part of our mental and physical problems.
Medical practitioners used to point out that the body's reactions to stress, as nuerochemicals and hormones rushes through entire body ,preparing every organ and system for the red alert stress response. All our senses that's sight ,hearing ,smelling ,tasting and touching are strongly involved. The brain instantly release adrenaline hormones through adrenal glands which helps muscles ,heart ,lungs and other body parts to be relieved from stress by subconciously respond to the intentions.
Hence during times of emergency our bodies help us to respond to save our lives , like when we face the oncoming vehicle we respond unconsciously to safety. We instictively sense dangerous areas because of stress induction in our muscles.
The stress can become our threat to our health and threaten our bodies to function well.Thus endangering poor coordination of body parts in respond to certain stimuli. Muscles remain tense,pulse rates and blood pressure abnorm at peak points . This consequently accumulate levels of cholestro,fats,sugars ,hormones or any other chemicals within our blood streams.
The high levels of these chemicals in our bodies affect its regulated system, hence involve us into frequent backaches ,headaches ,muscle spasms of the neck and muscle tension .
These symptoms which are related to chronic stress ,hamper body's productivity and creativity as well as dilute away our happiness and damage our social relationships. Unmanageable stress resulted in development of irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and other related illness. The chronic stress also outburst stroke,kidney failure,heart problems and diabetes as perpetuated by this uncontrollable prolonged stress.
Moreover severe stress linked to depression ,aggression and burnout. If constantly remained unchecked, stress can become permanently retarded our memory's functions and threaten levels of concentration. Some researches also discovered that long term stress has detrimental consequences to our immune system , as it seriously makes us vulnarable to common cold,cancer and numerous immuno diseases.Out of control stress has negative impacts to our well-being whether mentally,spiritually ,emotionally and spiritually.Therefore stress should be placed at a manageable level within ourselves,so that we remain productive ,creative ,enthusiastic and healthy.

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