30 September 2010


Schools are formally organised places where patterned instructions are given.They are social institutions in which teaching and learning take place at a specific times and places.They are made up of teachers,subjects,pupils/students ,time,methods ,processes,activities and places.
Schools care for all aspects of of the child's development .This includes the child's cultural enrichment (development),characters and academic attainments.In this regard the school's function is that of changing and equipping the child with the necessary attitudes values and skills that the child needs to function appropriately in society.The school educates both young and adults for development , without Education, development can not take place.The human factor is an important element in development whether social ,economical or political.
In the recent past,schools were places where children went to learn in preparation for employment in urban and mining centres especially in developing countries and Africa in particular, parents accepted this as the norm.
Knowledge is power ,therefore every children needs to have access to reading materials at school and in Education .Because of the information edge where anyone can do everything must have access to the information which can now found on internet ,books ,newspapers and other useful sources.When children developed reading habit very well.It is something which will last longer and help children to have wide information in development of their various choices.
The challenges found in developing countries are the shortage of reading materials.In rural areas for instances most under priviledged children don't have books to read and worse still the majority do not come across internet even a computer in their lifetime.
Children are crucial asset of the nation,but if not given access to good schooling and Education they become a liability.
The herald a local paper in Zimbabwe acknowledged that children who set for the end of primary school examination in rural areas scored 0% in 2009.Although the blame lies with the teachers ,whom accused of crying for better salaries.However for the past seven years children learn for these examinations there is a lot needed to be done for children's Education.Among them is to give children access to reading.When children sit for examination the examination rules and regulations strictly requires the candidates to sit quietly and read alone everything set before him/her on the question paper.
Think about the expected results ,when the said candidate is not able to read worse still not developed fully the writing skills.
Reading and writing are the foundation of the developments of future responsible adults for the nation.
The global news reports that Africans who are access to computers and internet literacy are less than 2% .When such statistics is recorded in a continent which is regarded as developing is pathetic to say there is no developing.
Playing the blame game is not necessary ,instead to cooperate with those spearhead children 's educational development will give a positive difference. Developments in the technological achievements give the solutions to reduce poverty at all costs.
There is a need for an awareness of collective responsibility so that no one will be lagged behind because of the socio-economic background or the race.

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