01 October 2010

Teachers can improve on commenting Learners in developing the commuincative skills

Children in the primary schools,learn language specificaly to develop their communicative skills.For them to be very successfull in the language learning there a need for the teacher to improve on the way delivering instructions in the language lessons and giving good comments both orally and in their written work.
The teacher should therefore do marking of the children's work and emulate their efforts , view it sympathetically as they are still developing these essential skills for the way they should communicate informally and formally. Plenty of oral practice is essential before they are directed into any written work. Following these oral sessions the teacher can easily spot some errors which can be avoided when they are writing.
The comments teacher gives to the learner's written work should motivates the learner rather than being abusive which can left the learner even more demotivated and lose focus on the way to develop communicative skills.
Children feel well satisfied and secured when their teacher goes through their work and give them constructive comments.
The comments should convey the information received and application of rigorous assessment not necessarily the grammatical accuracy.
Usually the teacher should give children a purposeful written work ,so that when marking the more emphasis should be concentrated on the purpose. Generally if children are guided to perform according to a specific purpose they intent to get empowered and seek to know the reason why they get involved in such exercise. For example when you tasked your children to write a letter to their parents asking for a money to go to a certain educational trip.The layout might be the focus not spelling errors ,accuracy of languge structures like prepositions and other points this is the major point supported by Chomsky's theory of natural way of learning a language.
If your marking system involve the use of symbols GR,W.O,SP, sometimes these learners has a problem to get these meanings.Thereafter your marking is more punitive than to be supportive and appreciative.

After the children's work is well marked and the areas they went wrong is clearly spotted,then of course they is a need to do some corrections.The teacher can now go through with them again into oral practice inorder to revise their weakness. The teacher 's eye conduct should be more improved to read every child so that they should not repeat the same mistakes again.This will help them to be more attentive and carefully listen to instructions from their teacher. Remember a well done oral work before written work can produce a good results with few mistakes. Then the corrections are rare. However the corrections must be done as soon as possible after the exercise , The reflective teacher is obliged to mark the children's work as soon as possible before they get into new written task of the same subject and children must taught to do corrections first before they write the next exercise which usually is completely different from this previous one as this can easily disrupts the lesson demands and easily lead the learner to be confused due to constant changes of the specific attention needed.The teacher should be well organised such that the major errors allocated are dealt with in a given enough time promptly before they go out of control.

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