01 October 2010


Christians in their congregation they heard their preachers when preaching they oftenly repeat the words of Jesus Christ in the John's gospels which says: ''You shall know the truth ,the truth shall make you free and you shall be free indeed''.
Like the purpose of religion to give the truth of the spiritual world ,Education is also the light of the society from one generation to another.
A society which invests in Education of its citizens ,especially children is really sanctify its prosperous future.
Education by vitue of its enlightment ,is the holistic process by which one generation transmits its known knowledge and cultural activities to the succeeding generations or the system by which individual aspirations and vision are reviewed to findout how effectively they can be responsible in their society. The trationalists regards Education as preparation for life ,whilst pragmatists argued that Education is life itself through participation in various spheres of life to counter the menace of their environment.
According to Gwarinda(1997) Education for Liberation is a process where an individual is freed from ignorance ,superstition and any form of oppressions which are physically ,emotionally or mentally. The oppressive values or attituades and parasitic mentality.
Freire(1972) suggests that the oppressed or former oppressed require their own pedagogy (teaching strategies) which are alternatively radical. The contemporary Education system is geared towards domesticating Education.
The oppressive Education system is characterised by determinism as it entells learners that all unfolding divine plans promotes parasitic tendences ,that's dependence syndrome, hence it is concerned with traditional banking method of learning where teacher is the fountain of knowledge pouring it to the empty slates children.
This form of Education is teacher centred and children are the passive recipients.
Inaddition progress in oppressive Education centres on the external sources of knowledge ,wisdom and ideas trickle from the teacher to the learners for them to accept them and go through stages of their oppressive behaviour. They (children) rationally agreed to be loyal to the elite in authority and subscribed to their dominance,thus become Educated servants.
In constrast liberation Education is mainly concerned for each member of the society to take exclusive part and not only the teacher is the guru of all social knowledge,wisdom ,facts and ideas ,then the learners can question them freely without any form of fear and nepotism.
Knowledge should be built and as changeable with the new demands of the society and can refined to suit the new community situation ,hence Education should not be domesticated ,but rather emancipated to select the best from other cultural activities done elsewhere as they should tally with own immediate culture and select the best out of it. Which really means Education is the selection from culture. Community members despite their age differences should be respected as equal beings with the capability to think and have feelings to perceive reality with their own senses.

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