15 October 2010

The Plight of Poverty for Teachers and Professionalism in Low income schools!

As a tradition ,newly qualified teachers are deployed in remote undeveloped areas where conditions are abhorrent inorder to develop these schools.It would sound as if it is exaggerating that the plight of poverty in these areas especially in underdeveloped countries .
The schools may not provide new plan books ,stiki-stuff, glue, fuelt- pins ,manila sheets ,pens and other stationery . The most dedicated teachers have to folk out their money to buy exercise books for official records.
Teachers who want to make their work progress are obliged to buy them. Considering their meagre salaries ,what are they going to do to meet both their family expenses and the work.
Does the so-called development through education process in underdeveloped rural areas mean teachers should pump out from their pockets? I would suggest that well wishers ,donors and other concerned people help the less priviledged schools instead of burdening teachers who have already made sacrifices to help these communities . Above all the credits should be given for those who put efforts in developing magnalised communities especially for the concern of the child Education.

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