15 October 2010

Education and Culture

The link between Education and culture, seems the cultural functions are an advantage to the educational process in schools.The way culture issue is handled in schools should be linked into education system. For example nomatter how poor the school is but atleast there should be link with cultural activities like music ,art ,drama,social studies ,environmental science,languages , physical education and other disciplines done at school.
Those people who employed as cultural officers are happy if they visited schools which observe and make a link of its education system and cultural activities of the immediate communities.
The primary and secondary Education system is meaningless if its is not linked to the immediate environment of the child. The importance of Education is useful when it promote the cultural values of the community which is only possible when the curriculum is much more relevant to the needs of the community and develop a sense of responsibility in the children through linking Education system and their culture.
Lets support the Education process linked to the cultural issues of the community where the school is serving.

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