15 October 2010

Communicative Techniques Essential In Language Development.

There are many techniques the teacher can use in a lesson to make children develop techniques for communication of which some of them are discussed below.
Speak for yourself:Children can be allowed to speak personal statements based on recent events . They can make more sentences .Variations in themes is for preparation of speaking instructions on the cards which placed in a box . Then pupils take out a card and speaks accordingly.The sentences on the cards may be like:Introduce yourself as if you are greeted by visitors.Describe a disagreement you had with a friend or tell us about your family history.
Ask and Answer:Children are paired to ask and answer one's question and should be guided towards asking authentic questions and focussed for a specific purpose and not close ended questions.Use of games involves asking a long series of questions in this way.Children act a certain situation and take roles.
Variable Dialogue:There are certain words which are variable to pupils ,the dialogue can be adapted from a local situation ,the process of devising variations brings in more pupils for practice ,without much repetition.The children can be guided to make variation to show that they understood the dialogue and are not say it from claiming.Although they can start from reading a text with variation included later during practice with out referring to the written text.
Dramatisation:Children should not be organised on plays for a passive audience.There should be involved in activities whose values has an end product with process. Dramatisation helps children to explore their imagnation and engage them in plays as well as use of language appropriate in variety of situations .This boast the provision of emotional content which is not available in most of classroom activities.
The main objectives of a drama are help children to have a knowledge of what to say ,to whom ,how and when. The correct expression as to learn certain lines of heart through developing the sense of imagination.Drama has a form of which it can be short or long being prepare or spontaneous with or without scripts done in groups.Children can also be allowed to have their own relevant to the play and not interrupt during the play but make corrections at the end.It then can be acted again with more attention to accuracy.The use of clothing aids ,such as police or nurse uniforms or civilian clothing brings the drama in to real life so that it can be convincing and more interesting.The climax of the drama should be when a particular unit or phrase is repeated to reinforce the theme children are learning and then concluded by the teacher's lesson presentation or explanations then formal teaching.
When playing the space is need to allow free play without disturbance of furniture to allow freedom of movement and tolerate little noise in order to enhence seriousness.
Some activities the teacher can do include formal techniques,role plays and information gap technique which the teacher can employ as a recipe to make different lessons more interesting.

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