16 October 2010

The general points to be reflective and effective teacher in developing language

A teacher to be effective and reflective to the profession is needed to employ some of the critical characters which are beneficial to excute the job well.
Teacher's attitude should allow children to learn to speak confidently and the teacher 's attitude is the major influencer of such environment. Build up to a good linguistic environment ,the teacher should display useful objects and pictures that the children can talk about. The teacher should not always interfere with children's communication,but should be a listener who later correct grammar mistakes in planned lessons . If the meaning is clear allow them to continue with their discussions some of the errors will disappear natually as children's language develops. This is mostly a problem to second language learners.
No teaching is effective without teaching and learning media. Language develops well using concrete media rather than talking abstractly. The aids displayed must be meaningful to the language and can easily be illustrated. Futhermore these aids must provide the context for teaching meaning ,tense and other language structures .Useful media includes ,puppets ,flannel -graphs,audios ,flip charts and many more.
The teacher must always do revision with children ,even if the children excelled well in all the work given . Discussions help them to widen their understanding on different angles. The teacher should be alert for signs that certain language points and need to be reviwed . Some errors children do are useful evidence to plan a lesson for helping them in developing their language.A reflective teacher is not just rush to proceed with sllybus topics only ,but also adjust to the needs of the class to master all the language skills effectively.
A teacher who do some research using internet ,newspapers,the social forums and so on help children that is not always being an outdated teacher. The teacher must accept advice from other people and apply according to own decisions.
On teaching vocabulary the teacher should employ two sides which making children able to hear and say the word and understand what it means. Then the children should be able to read these words.
When testing firstly,the teacher made tests must have a number of different purposes. Test should be a strong tool of reinforcement to the concepts taught. Assessing some errors occur and go through the main emphasis of the topics taught. As a result the test must reflect language specifically in that topic .If children done badly don't put all the blame to the learners and yourself ,but may be the environment is beyond your control and some materials are difficult to source or it may just needs further teaching.
Secondly the other category of testing is to find out how the objectives are achieved over a specific period of time that is on fortnightly,monthly or termly basis. The test based only on the concepts done in that specific period taught. It however may include children's experience such that children can learn to apply it elsewhere in their social experiences.
Lastly test can be planned to test learner's proficiency in the language they are learning in general.and positioning them in a scale from highest to lowest. Generally this is the major purpose why teachers are obliged to testing.In this case this is where the teacher try some language items to catch up with the learners' needs and motivate them.
Therefore the teacher should make use of all strategic of teaching basics to ensure children are not found as far as their communicative skills are developing.

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