16 October 2010

The Roles of a Teacher at school and in the Community.

The teacher as a professional person is guided by general code of conduct ,which reminded and directed him/her on what is expected of him/her during the tour of his/her duty.
Society has registered great concerns about the general conduct of teachers.Many teachers are involved in dicourous behaviours .Top of the list of the misbehaviours are excessive liquor consumption ,improper association with minors ,corruption and insubordination.
There are key responsibility areas a school teacher is expected to do by the institution and the community where the learners reside.
According to the concise Oxford dictionary (1982) role ,"it is an actor's part ,one's function ,what a person or thing is appointed or expected to do."
Roles ,therefore refers to the parts played by someone in life ,in an activity or institution .However each person may play different roles in a day,season or in one's life ,for example a teacher may be a husband,wife,mother,father,community chairperson,brother ,sister ,businessperson and his/her behaviour changes automatically and spontaneously as performing these roles at different times locations or any other situations according to the people around them for any such specific social gatherings or functions.
The roles are flexible and fluid. Roles are rarely played in the same manner because circumstances change the same applies to the teacher's roles.
Background History of Teacher's Roles were centred mainly in the classroom and was largely influenced and felt by people living and working inside the school.(micro society of the school).This role was isolated from the community around the school.
The teacher was regarded as a transmitter of bookish knowledge and the teaching and learning situation was a one way process.
The Contemporary Roles of a Teacher is now influenced by the general goals of education in a society.The teacher is now a person with full professional responsibilities for the education of children and other people in society.
The teaching and learning situation is regarded as a two way process .
The progressivism in education sector broadened the teacher's roles to include a large variety of functions both in school and in the community.
Wright (1988)says a teacher has many roles ,the roles has no boundaries ,it is diffuse.
The teacher is an agent of social change in the society,that's political ,social,cultural changes as well as other developmental changes.
While facilitating learning the teacher still transmits knowledge ,norms,values and acceptable moral attitudes for national or social development.
A teacher is closely watched by people with varying expectations be it the parents,government,politicians,religious organisations,charity organisations,community activists,women organisations,men's forum,individual groups and various other members of the community .These social organisations determine and influence the roles of teacher in the school and society as whole.

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